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We’re passionate about quality and consistency at our Nottinghamshire brewery. To order any of our beer for your pub, bar, or restaurant, call us on 0115 963 4233.

To order any of our beer for home delivery, click here.
Marion 3.8% Pale Ale Pump Clip
Marion 3.8% Pale Ale

A full bodied pale ale with grapefruit citrus aroma and a biscuit malt finish.


Alc. by vol 3.8% // EBUs 32
Cascade, Brewers Gold, Celeia

Hood 4.2% Best Bitter Pump Clip
Hood 4.2% Best Bitter

A heroic premium best bitter packed with premium Maris Otter malt and choice hops.


Alc. 4.2% // EBUs 34
Challenger, Mount Hood, Fuggles

Archer 4.0% American Pale Ale Pump Clip
Archer 4.0% American Pale Ale

In hops we trust. Packed with US Chinook and Citra™ this American Pale Ale punches above its ABV.


Alc. 4.0% // EBUs 33
Chinook, First Gold, Citra™

SIBA Gold Award for Lincoln Green Tuck 4.7% Porter
Tuck 4.7% Porter Pump Clip
Tuck 4.7% Porter

Full bodied and dependable. A rich, smooth and well rounded porter.


Alc. 4.7% // EBUs 38
Northdown, Fuggles, Bramling Cross

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