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LG Founder Anthony Hughes is passionate about customer service and as an ex-retailer earned the nickname from Mr Benn, "As if by magic, the shopkeeper appeared." 


Favourite Lincoln Green Beer? Sherwood. No, Tuck. Or Sherwood. Mmm... both!!


Lynette Hughes is, as the surname might suggest, Anthony's better half. She's also the financial fixer and finder of many things - hence the nickname 'Q', Mr Bond...


Favourite Lincoln Green Beer? 


Carl Heron Master Brewer.jpg

Carl Heron joined Lincoln Green as Head Brewer in 2023 - having worked previously as HB at Sharps Brewery in Cornwall, he's a Master Brewer and lectures at Nottingham Brewing Sciences too.

So he knows a thing or two about beer! 


Janet Worden has been with us since 2012 and is the voice at the end of the phone for many licensees. She's a huge Star Trek fan and her earpiece reminds us of Lieutenant Uhura...


Favourite Lincoln Green Beer? 



Beau is the Legendary Brewery Doggy Dog Dog. She lives with Anthony and Lynette and keeps them sane!


Favourite Lincoln Green Beer? 

Beau's Black and Tan


Gary Stuart is our Assistant Brewer with a passion for new recipes and creates our Blackshale range. He's also Martin's right hand man and attempts to fix everything with tape.

Favourite Lincoln Green Beer? 



Anthony Hewitt is known as Spudi for reasons best left unsaid (it's a long story). He's holds the world record for cask washing. Probably.


Favourite Lincoln Green Beer? 



Steve Wells enters the brewery and everyone shouts '"Ste!" No one knows why. He's a huge help, willing to turn his hand to anything.


Favourite Lincoln Green Beer? 


Jody Smith.jpg

Ex-soldier Jody Smith is our Business Development Manager, who's capable of turning his hand to anything! His can-do attitude is infectious and he's always ready to get stuck in.

Favourite Lincoln Green Beer?



Believe it or not, our brewery is haunted. Pretty much everyone who works here has heard or seen our ghostly friend affectionately known as "Bob".

Favourite Lincoln Green Beer?

Something pale perhaps?

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