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"We want to make people happy"

It’s a simple statement that reflects our very reason for doing what we do and is said with sincerity and authenticity.


Our beer is brewed with love, care and attention with the sole purpose of responsible satisfaction and enjoyment, while our pubs offer a welcome respite from the modern world, encouraging social interactions and diversity with our ‘always welcoming’ philosophy.

Our teams place our customers at the heart of all they do, knowing that the customer is always right.


We believe in ‘proper pubs’.

You know when you’ve entered a proper pub. It’s a sense, not a blueprint and it differs from location to location because it reflects both the needs of its regulars and the personality of its owner.

 We’re always welcoming.

Whether you’ve just popped in for a visit while passing through or you’re a regular each week, we’ll make you feel welcome and at home, always having time for a friendly chat. Children and dogs are welcome, because they’re part of the family.

We’re proud to serve cask beer.

That’s what we do. Cask beer has soul, character and personality and it’ll always be the headline of our range of drinks. We also offer real cider, wines and spirits. We stock lager, but not the mainstream brands.

We’ll involve the local community at every step of the way.

We’ll create local employment opportunities. We’ll offer events that reflect the local community, never imposing an idea but responding to what’s wanted or needed in the area. We’ll always listen and we’ll never be afraid to admit it if we get it wrong. If we get it wrong, we’ll put things right.

Our microbrewery is proud to be brewing in Nottinghamshire and proud to support the local community.

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