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We're passionate about quality and consistency at our Nottinghamshire Microbrewery.
Check current availability by calling us on 0115 963 4233.
Sherwood beer label
Sherwood 4.4% Extra Pale Ale

Fancy a beer? Sherwood. A delightful lemon citrus hop flavoured blonde ale - brewed with lager malt and Eastern European hops. 


Alc. by vol 4.4% // EBUs 37
Marynka, Brewers Gold, Galena, Junga

Sheriff beer label
Sheriff 5.5% English IPA

For every hero there's a villain. A true English IPA brewed with strength and heritage English hops.


Alc. by vol 5.5% / EBUs 55
Admiral, Challenger, First Gold

Longbow beer label
Longbow 5.0% New Zealand Pale Ale

On target with this New Zealand premium pale ale.


Alc. by vol 5.0% // EBUs 37
Pacific Jade, Wakatu, Dr Rudi

Little John beer label
Little John 4.3% Dark Amber Ale

A towering amber ale in a world of pales.


Alc. by vol. 4.3% // EBUs 32
Fuggles, Bramling Cross

Buttermunch beer label
Buttermuch 5.5% Butterscotch Ale

Sweet? Bitter? Moreish. Butterscotch sweetness is balanced by hop bitterness in this moreish smooth dark ale.


Alc. by vol 5.5% // EBUs 50
Challenger, Fuggles, Celeia

Scarlett beer label
Scarlett 4.8% Amber Ale

A constant and trusted companion. A complex malt profile with a fruit hop finish.


Alc. by vol 4.8% // EBUs 37
Admiral, First Gold, Progress

Quarterstaff beer label
Quarterstaff 5.0% Stout

Stout of heart and nature. A rich, full bodied stout with flaked barley and generous blackcurrant hop bitterness.


Alc. by vol 5.0% // EBUs 48
Brewers Gold, Bramling Cross, Fuggles

Major beer label
Major 3.6% Mild

Major by name, mild by nature. A traditional mild with bold malt flavours of toffee, nut and biscuit.


Alc. by vol 3.6% // EBUs 23
Northdown, Fuggles, Bramling Cross

Quiver beer label
Quiver 3.8% Pale Mild

A pale mild? 19th century mild's often were. In our current world of pale, this is a mild with wider appeal.


Alc. by vol 3.8% // EBUs 23
Challenger, Fuggles

Fountain Dale Label
Fountain Dale 4.3% Pale Ale

Legend has it that Robin Hood first met Friar Tuck at Fountain Dale and they became firm friends ever since. We feel just the same about this moreish pale ale.


Alc. by vol 4.3% // EBUs 36
Challenger, Fuggles, Brewers Gold, Celeia

Bowman beer label
Bowman 4.3% American Pale Ale

Named after our legend's occupation, this is a stand out hoppy little American Pale. If you're a fan of Archer, give this a try.


Alc. by vol 4.3% // EBUs 13
Columbus, Mosaic

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