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Lockdown 2 (the sequel)

So here we go again - Lock down 2 begins today with all five of our pubs having closed their doors last night, for what we hope will be just 28 days.

Has anyone else noticed the unnerving reference to the 2002 Danny Boyle film '28 Days Later'? Let's sincerely hope we don't experience this:

I'd like to thank every single one of our pub teams who have created a 'Covid-19 Secure' business, remaining adaptable and flexible throughout. I know it's been exhausting and has stripped the soul out of the industry, but I also know that a great many of our customers have appreciated the efforts we've made to ensure a relatively 'normal' pub experience. I know that our teams have lived up to our company mission: "We want to make people happy".

We'll be back in December (whenever permitted) and I'm certain that one day we'll truly be back to socialising in pubs like the 'good old days'.

In the meantime, our brewery team is taking the view that the next 28 days are a gift of time. We're stripping back our brewery and redecorating the walls and laying a new resin floor - a job we've needed to do for a while now and one that will allow us to set out on a new path to SALSA plus Beer accreditation:

This is a step up in standards from our existing FSQ accreditation and will hopefully help us to open a few more doors to outlet supply.

In the meantime, our Brewery Shop is still open - we're selling bottled beers, bag in box beers in 5, 10 and 20 litre sizes and we've even got Bier Nuts (believe me, they're a taste sensation!) to help the Lock Down pass more painlessly...

If you're not close enough to visit our Hucknall shop, why not order online from our website:

May I wish you and your families the very best of health and happiness and we look forward to serving you again soon!

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